Water Pipes

So you want to make a feature on our home page but are not currently the proud owner of a water pipe? Maybe you do not even know what one is! Well this article will suit you all, just to the titles that interest you the most.

water pipes

What is a water pipe?

The water pipe is basically anything that holds water and allows you to smoke through it. It covers a whole range of tools such as bubblers and bongs. They are all the same in function, yet drastically different in shape and size. They are easy to identify and they all conform to these rules.

  • There will be a bowl to place your herbs
  • There will be an opening which serves as a mouthpiece to inhale the smoke
  • A chamber that holds water will allow the smoke to pass through

How do you buy one?

First of all they are not legal everywhere, you need to check out your government legislation on such things. The easiest way to get hold of one is online through a site, you can buy water pipes online that suit any price range, from as cheap as $10 or as pricey as $100+. Online shopping is always the best method due to it being cheaper and easier. You don’t need to even get off your chair!

What can you smoke with a water pipe?

Mostly people use cannabis with their pipes but literally anything can be smoked through one. There are all sorts of legal herbs you can grow yourself that have relaxing effects when inhaled, the choice is yours! Many people do not talk about their cannabis use but this poll states that many more people use the drug than expected. Your neighbor could be blazing it up every day and you have no idea!

So now you know everything you need, go get us some cool pictures and make the feature!
Happy smokin’