Renew your sessions with one of these dab rigs

We all love to get high and float around on cloud 9, but when we use the same bongs, pipes or rigs the act of smoking does tend to get almost boring at points. Watching the gross tar build up on your glass is really off putting and the taste of your herbs will just get worse and worse.

It is time to renew! You should consider to purchase a new dab rig from and bring back that joy and love to your blaze ups. Take a look at these sweet deals below and see if you can resist placing an order!


Both of these pretty lil things can be picked up from for just under 50 bucks, an absolute bargain for such creative glassware. I tend to stick to the smaller pipes when it comes to dabbing as the smoke is just so intense that I would never draw too much at one time, so staying small helps me maintain this rule! It is too easy to get carried away and spend the day being overly high.