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How to take bong hits


So you want to learn how to take bong hits like a bloomin’ champ! There are a few ways that you can do this and it all depends on how much smoke you can currently intake without coughing. There are loads of videos on YouTube of stoners showing how badass they are. You want to be just like them, don’t you? Well stick around and I will give you the low down.

Do you currently own a water pipe? If not then let’s start by locating bongs for sale, you can follow our guide located on our website on the nav bar, or you can just head straight over to and get yourself one. Get a decent sized one, around 300mm in height or taller. Also make sure it has a nice big water chamber, the more water filtration we have going on, the better.

Time for the show

Now let me show you how to really hit it! So assuming you are healthy and fit, you are good to go. If you have breathing problems then this is really not something you should be attempting.

Pack that bowl and get ready to light that sh*t up! If you have a problem with coughing whilst smoking then see this guide. You can start with inhaling a small amount of smoke and then slowly building yourself up. It will take some time but everyone is capable of pulling a monster hit out of their bong. It is best to use a glass one as you need to be able to clearly see the smoke building up, or you may get quite a surprise!

Consider using a mirror so that you can truly see how much of a gangster you are. It is all about confidence, you can’t rip a sweet hit if you are being a little bitch. If you do not yet own a pipe then see these guides to buy bongs online to help. Any check this fact sheet to put people in their place!